Craving a special Beach in Ontario? Don’t miss the Dune Beach in Sandbanks 🌊 … Then Stop at the winery 🍷 & the lavender fields 🌅



Located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Sandbanks is the World’s largest baymouth barrier dune formation. It is among the largest and most beautiful beaches in Ontario, with golden sand and sparkling water.

You can enjoy so many activities on the beach, from windsurfing, sailing, and canoeing, to sunbathing ☀️ while laying on the soft sand 🏖

Start your morning with a nice brunch 🍳🥓 at one of the restaurants in the city centre. Then, head to the wineries where you can enjoy locally made wine 🍷. Hike the trail or head to the beach 🌊  and finish your day by visiting the spectacular lavender fields. Don’t miss the sunset 🌅 in the evening!

Have you ever visited #Sandbanks? Share your thoughts…



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